Elementor WordPress Plugin

Search & Replace for Elementor (Free)

Search & Replace for Elementor is an add-on to the popular Elementor visual editor that enables you to search and replace any text in your posts and pages quickly and easily.

One of the most popular visual editors, Elementor, lacks a search and replace feature. With our add-on, you can now easily replace any text without the need to install any additional software to your computer.

Search & Replace for Elementor enhances your efficiency in Elementor, allowing you to edit your posts and pages much faster than usual. The add-on is designed to look native and works seamlessly with both Elementor Free and Pro versions.

We have developed a WordPress plugin for Elementor that enables you to update multiple text terms, phrases, or links within the visual editor with ease.

Perfect for heavy Elementor users who want to speed up their editing process!

Note: The free plugin’s latest version is also available at WP.org and all future updates will come from its public repository.