How to backup and import database with the plugin?

It is strongly recommended that you back up your database before using the Search & Replace for Elementor plugin.

For this reason, we have added a built-in Backup feature to our plugin to cover 90% of the case scenarios.

Backup Database:

You can simply go to the Elementor > Search & Replace menu and then click on the Backup tab.

There, you have the option to either Backup or Import your database at any point.

Once you click on the “Backup Database” button and your backup is completed, you will get a message with a Download link.

You can then download the backup in .sql file, which will automatically delete the file from your server and save it locally.

Import Database:

At this point, you will be safe to perform any search and replace actions. If anything goes wrong, you can then go back to your Backup tab, select your local .sql file, and Import it to restore the previous version of your website.

The backup feature doesn’t provide manual or full backup functionality and has its limitations (e.g., large databases, server execution time, or maximum database packets allowed, etc.).

Other Methods:

In case you have problems with the feature, you can always use manual backup or almost any other backup plugin from WP.org.