How to do search and replace in Elementor?

Doing a search and replace in the Elementor editor is available for both the Free and Pro versions of the plugin.


Open any published Elementor post or page and click on the Menu icon in the top left corner. After that, in the second menu, you will see the “Search & Replace” text.

If you have enabled the Editor Top Bar from the Elementor Features tab, then you will see the “Search & Replace” icon in the main menu (top left corner).

You will see a modal window with all the available options.

The only difference between the Free and Pro versions for individual search and replace is the default raw data limit of 300kb, which can be increased in the Pro version under the Options tab.

Search & Replace:

The search and replace is a two-step process:

First, select your search method (Text-only, Links URLs, or Images) and choose either to Highlight text on search or use Case-Sensitive search and replace. Then, you need to enter your search phrase and click on the Search action button.

Next, you will get a response message with the number of results and a text highlighter if you are doing Text-only search and replace. At this point, no replacement is made; we have only added some custom tags that can be removed at any given time by clicking on the Clear action button.

Once you review the changes and are satisfied with the result, you can then add the replacement and click the Replace action button.

You have one more opportunity to revert the changes back if the page breaks and you are not happy with the results by using the Undo action button next to the response message with results. This will bring back the search and replace to its initial state.

At each stage of the search and replace process, the current page is automatically saved, and you don’t need to do any additional updates.