How to search and replace Links (URLs)

This option is available for both the Free and Pro versions of the plugin.

There are a few different ways to search and replace links.

Text-only method:

When you use the Text-only search method, all HTML tags are stripped from the data field except the anchor <a> tag, which is used for links.

For example, if you have links inside the Text Widgets that you want to search and replace, you can use the Text-only search method to replace your URL.

Links (URLs) method:

For both individual and bulk search and replace, you need to select the Links (URLs) option to search and replace URLs.

When you do this, the plugin will target all the widgets that use the “url” data field key, for example, Buttons.

In the default widgets that come with Elementor and Elementor Pro, the “url” data field key is used for all links with a few exceptions.

Links (URLs) method + Unfiltered URLs:

This approach can be used for partial or non-compliant URLs.

When you use the Links (URLs) search method, all input data is filtered and sanitized to make it valid.

There are times when you want to search and replace only a part of the URL, or the URL doesn’t comply with the URI syntax http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc2396.html.

One example would be if you have non-Latin symbols in the URL or a mixed URL with entities.

To be able to search and replace the above links, we have added an option where you can disable sanitization and validation when you use the Links (URLs) method.

All you need to do is go to the Options page and select “Yes” for Unfiltered URLs.

Custom URL data field keys:

This way can be used with 3rd-party plugins where you need to select custom data field keys by using the Scan Data button on the Options page.

Usually, 3rd-party plugins use a prefix for their data field keys, for example, “elkit_”, and then you need to look for the keyword “url” in the addon field key.

After selecting all the data field keys (including the required ones), you can perform the search and replace for all URLs that match the 3rd-party plugin keys with links.