How to use the plugin with 3rd-party addons for Elementor?

This option is available only for the Pro version of the plugin.

You can now easily integrate and search & replace any text, images, links, or HTML with some of the most popular 3rd-party add-ons for the Elementor editor, all with a single click.

All you need to do is go to the Options page and select the plugin you use to build your Elementor pages.

Under the 3rd-party Add-ons section, all the data field keys for that plugin used throughout your published Elementor pages will load up and get selected.

After that, you can use the Search & Replace plugin as normal, and all the results will be applied only to the 3rd-party add-on data key fields.

As of November 2023, we plugins supported are: ElementsKit, Essential Addons, and Premium Addons.